Men’s Groups

Encouraging the men of Street Baptist Church to reach out to others

In a world where men seem to be abandoning faith and disappearing from our churches, and where so many men come under great pressures on their faith which they are so reluctant to talk about, ministry in the church that is particular to men is so vital.

In order to support and encourage the men in Street Baptist Church, and reach out to their friends, we provide a number of activities and events that are specifically designed with men in mind.

The following pages provide details of the men’s ministry we are establishing in the church.

Men’s Breakfast

To enable men to meet together when week days are so busy, we organise breakfasts from time to time.

This is an excellent opportunity for the men of the church to get to know one another better, to listen to testimonies of God’s work in their lives, and to enjoy great food.

We encourage all adult men, of whatever age, to join us so that, together, we can encourage one another.  We trust that, as a result, we will be more prayerful for one another and will be able to be more open to one another about our spiritual needs.

Men’s Fellowship

When men are laid-off work or come to retirement they can feel both isolated and directionless.  However, God has ordained all our days and given us gifts to encourage and build up one another.  Our weekly Men’s Fellowship is an opportunity to meet together to encourage one another, pray for one another and the fellowship, and seek to learn from His Word.

Men of all ages from all backgrounds and regardless of where you are in your walk with the Lord are very warmly welcome and encouraged to join us at our Men’s Fellowship which takes place at 10.00am – 12.00pm every Tuesday. We normally meet in the Upper Hall of the church building, but please check the current notice sheet for the location.

In 1 Thessalonians 5:9-11 God calls all of us to walk more closely with Him. He desires that we might continually know the fullness of His Holy Spirit, and so He encourages us to be active in building one another up.  He desires to feed us with His spiritual food – His Word – and so encourages us to teach one another.  Our hunger for Him is only truly satisfied when we are fed by Him!

So, come on Men!  Let’s get together and encourage one another and learn more from God.  Let’s live for Him, and apply God’s Word to us in the ups & downs of life, and let’s allow God to lead us as we seek to live each day for Him.

We hope to see you soon!