Where do I go when I arrive?

All of our activities take place in the church buildings at Glaston Road. There is parking available on-site (to the rear of our annexe). 

The whole fellowship meets for the start of our Sunday morning worship service and then our younger ones leave part way through to go to their individual groups. A staffed crèche is available for pre-school children. 

Everything is explained by our worship leader when the appropriate time comes. Parents are always welcome to come out with their children to these groups, but we encourage the parents to leave and re-join the main service as soon as their child finds the right place to go.

In the evening services children are encouraged to stay in and join with us as we worship God together.

What are worship services like?

Our Sunday services focus mostly on praise, prayer and coming around God’s Word to hear from Him. We’ll share some quick announcements, express our hearts to God through music, and hear a message from God’s Word. The music is contemporary, and the messages from God’s Word are challenging, encouraging and practical.

How long are the services?

Our Sunday morning service starts at 10:00am and is usually over by 11:30am.

What do I wear?

Feel free to wear whatever clothes make you feel most comfortable. We care more that you’re here than what you wear.

Is there a collection or demands for money?

We do not have a ‘collection’ or any other overt appeal for donations or gifts within the services. We are convinced that God’s word encourages us to ‘give in secret’, the issue of giving being between ourselves and God. There are boxes near the entrance to put your offerings in, should you so wish. However, as visitors, we don’t want you to feel any obligation… we welcome you freely as our guests!

Is there something for children/young people?

Yes, find out more here.