God’s Word

God’s Word

Through song, prayer and praise we bring ourselves to worship as a fellowship of His believers.

The focus of our Sunday meetings  is to worship God  

The main part of our Sunday services is coming around God’s Word – His Bible.  We will read a passage from the Bible and then a speaker will explain those verses with an important focus on how we can all apply that to our lives in today’s world.  This focus on God’s Word helps us to learn more of Jesus and grow in our faith.

We tend to follow through a book of the Bible in a series or a particular theme.

Growth Groups

We have several Growth Groups that meet twice a month in the area. Please consider joining one of the growth groups – they cover most of the towns and villages within a 10-15 mile radius of Street.

These are a vital way to help everyone share and learn from God’s word in a relaxed environment of someone’s home.  Just like the early church when they met to come around God’s Word.

Not only do Growth Groups focus on sharing and helping one another to understand God’s Word, but they also:

  • Offer a small community of God’s people to care for one another in a practical and spiritual way
  • Allow those 10-15 people to spend time getting to know one another

Personal Bible Study

We know that God’s Word is vital for each of us to grow in faith and to become more like Jesus day-by-day.  This is why we encourage all Christian brothers and sisters to read the Bible daily and to spend time in prayer and contemplation with our God. 

There are many Bible Apps that have a vast number of reading plans, from short series that last just a few days to helping you to read your whole Bible through in a year.  If you would like any help in identifying the recommendations then speak to one of the Elders who will be pleased to chat with you and identify the topics, plans that will best suit you.


Jesus tasked each of us to go and make disciples of all nations. Matthew 28:18-20

It may not be our calling to preach God’s Word to many but very often we can encourage and support one another on a one-to-one basis.  Many of the fellowship at SBC meet in this way and help one another to read God’s Word, to spend time in prayer and to learn from each other.  To see how God is working in individual lives and how He is at work every day.

This is something that may not happen immediately and will happen in time, once you’ve been part of the fellowship here at SBC.