KidZone Club (which meets every Thursday from 6-7.15pm) is all about fun, friendship and finding out more about God.

It’s designed for children in school years 2-6 (approx age 6-11), and because of numbers we do need to be strict about these age limits. It’s a great place for letting off unspent energy, getting creative and spending time with friends.

Each evening there is a key activity around which the evening revolves. This may be a craft activity, or a challenge, or games, or a group activity. Most weeks the children that come will be able to bring home something they have made to show to their parents.

Every week there is a story that comes from the Bible, and there will be time to chat about the story while the children do an activity related to it.

We have around 15 children coming to this club each week. All the children enjoy the club, so why not come along and try it out yourself?