Our first Holiday Bible Club at Elmhurst School

With work going on to construct a new church building on our Glaston Road site, Holiday Bible Club this year was held at Elmhurst School.  The sun shone, the venue was fantastic and we all had a great time learning about different people in the Bible and what they discovered about God.

Circus Street, Day 1: Daniel in the Lions’ Den


We all began learning our theme songs and heard the story of Daniel from Polly, the lion tamer. The younger children made some super lion masks while the older children played games outdoors.


Circus Street, Day 2: David and Goliath


Mark, the strong man, told us this exciting story.  The older children made their own sling-shot pouches, just like David’s, but instead of stones we put rocky road “rocks” in them.  Yummy!






Circus Street, Day 3: Zacchaeus

Julia told us the story of this very short man who climbed a tree to see Jesus and we were visited by Shona the Short Woman.  However she wasn’t quite what she seemed!   We made some Zacchaeus pop-up puppets with double-sided faces.  One side was sad but, after he met Jesus, the other side was happy.  Lots of thoughtful conversations and fun.



Circus Street, Day 4: Noah

Today we were able to peek into the house of Mr. and Mrs. Noah as they discussed the events around the great flood over a cup of tea.  Meanwhile the drama was played out on stage thanks to our fantastic teenage helpers.  It was totally gripping for adults and  children alike.



Then we went out into the school grounds for a treasure hunt.  The treasure was the answers to a quiz which followed.  Many parents and friends stayed to enjoy the coffee morning in the Elmhurst Centre.  Finally we all joined together in the hall for the quiz and prize giving before it was time to say goodbye.  Wow!  What a great end to the week.  Thank you to all who came along and to those who supported us.  See you next year!