We are sure that you will have questions about the Holiday Bible Club.  Read on to find some answers to your questions:

Who is running the club?

The club is organised by Street Baptist Church.  Leaders and helpers are from local churches and give their time freely to help.  All adults are DBS checked and many have experience of working with children regularly through their jobs or in church youth work.

Who will be looking after my child?

Children are divided by age into small groups.  Each group has an adult leader and helpers who take responsibility for the welfare of the children.  Friends are allocated to the same group where possible.

What happens each day?

We have a packed daily timetable!  A story and drama set the theme of the day and this is explored further through crafts and games.   We have a drink and biscuit halfway through the morning.

How do I collect my child?

Children enter and exit the club through the gate onto Elmhurst Lane and children will be brought to the playground for collection. Please make sure you are there on time at 12.30 to collect your child and be very careful when driving into the car park because there will be a lot of children around!

Someone else will be collecting my child.  What do I need to do?

Please give the group leader details of the person who will be picking up.  There is an emergencies only contact number during club hours which will be available on the first day.

Is there anything for adults?

YES!  Please come along to events planned for parents, carers, friends and family of club children which are advertised on the club publicity leaflets.