For ladies living in the villages to the south of Street, or those who no longer have child-care commitments but are available during the day, we provide a weekly Bible Study in which we seek to study through a book of the Bible so that we can encourage one another and grow together in the Lord.

This session we will be studying through a series of studies entitled “entitled “Full of promise”, which will take us through the Old Testament to provide an overview of the Old Testament and help us see the wonderful story of God’s plan of salvation for His people worked out over the millenia before God’s promise was fulfilled in the coming of Jesus as Messiah.

This group is one of two Ladies’ Bible Study groups – the other one being held in Street bi-weekly on Friday mornings.  The Street group is more appropriate for young mothers with children and other ladies who would wish to support them in their walk with the Lord and grow in God with them, or for ladies who live in the Street area.