Many women are unable to join in a Home Group because of child-care commitments or work commitments.  To provide support and fellowship for women, and to provide Bible Study on topics that are particularly important for women, we have the Ladies Bible Study.

Women of all ages (if child-minding is a problem; pre-school children are welcome too), from all backgrounds and regardless of where you are in your walk with the Lord are very warmly welcome and encouraged to join us at our Bible study which takes place at 10am-12pm every other Friday. We normally meet in Steph Hall’s house (7, Housman Road, Street, Somerset. BA16 0SB) but please check the current notice sheet for the location.

In 1 Thessalonians 5:9-11 God calls all of us to walk more closely with Him. He desires that we might continually know the fullness of His Holy Spirit, and so He encourages us to be active in building one another up.  He desires to feed us with His spiritual food – His Word – and so encourages us to teach one another.  Our hunger for Him is only truly satisfied when we are fed by Him!

So, come on Ladies! Let’s get together and learn more about God.  Let’s live for Him, encouraging one another as we learn from His word and apply it in the ups & downs of life, and let’s allow God to lead us as we seek to live each day for Him.

We hope to see you soon!

(This group is one of two Ladies’ Bible Study groups run by SBC – the other one being held in Somerton weekly on Tuesday mornings.  This Somerton group may be handy for women who live south of Street and whose children are not with them during the day.)