On Sunday mornings, during the church service, we provide a crèche to which babies and toddlers who are not yet old enough to go out to KidZone can be taken.  The Crèche is located in the corridor to the classrooms used by KidZone.

The crèche is well equipped with toys, books and activities suitable for toddlers and babies.  Parents are encouraged to leave their children in crèche and go back into the church service.  If your child is particularly disturbed during the service, one of the adult helpers will locate you in the church and call you back to your child.

We do not see crèche as a ‘baby sitting service’, but also as an opportunity to minister to young children.  Those who run the crèche build up a wonderful relationship with the children in these early years, and will seek to share Bible Stories with them when opportunities permit.  It is lovely to see a real love develop between the adult leaders and the children in the few years that the children are in the crèche.