Happy Christmas from SBC

SBC would like to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas!

Christmas is a wonderful time when we celebrate so many things.  But, above all, Christmas is when we celebrate God’s love to us.

Christmas is the celebration of the fulfilment of God’s plan from before the foundation of the earth to have a people for Himself who bow to Him as Lord and King.  At Christmas we celebrate the coming of Jesus, who is “Emmanuel, which is, ‘God with us'”.  We remember that it was “unto us” that the child was born, God clothed in humanity, fully divine, yet willing to constrain himself to human flesh.  No wonder the angels sang in praise of one who was come to redeem His people!

Yet, Christmas was only the start of the fulfilment of God’s plan of salvation.  Jesus grew to be a man, lived a life of perfection, and for three short years pointed all who would hear to the prophecies about him and to how He fulfilled them all.  And yet men rejected Him.  In the same city where crowd cried ‘Hosannah’, acknowledging Him as the long-awaited Messiah, others cried ‘Crucify Him!’.  But it was Jesus who willingly went to that cross, though pronounced a man in whom no guilt could be found, to die as the perfect sacrifice for you and I.

And so, Christmas points to Easter, and also beyond Easter to the risen King; to Jesus the one who conquers death, reigns on High, and will come again;  to Jesus who still calls us to come to Him in repentance and faith, so that all who look to Him can live.

And so, we do wish you a Happy Christmas, but we also long that you should come to have the very best Christmas possible – a Christmas where you have come to know that Jesus is your saviour, that Jesus came for you;  a Christmas where you can celebrate one who you know as your saviour and friend.

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