What is Street Baptist Church all about? If you look at this website you’ll see many different things that we do and hear about many different people who are involved in Street Baptist Church. However, none of these things are that important. Yes, we are a community of people, but we are brought together for a reason – and that’s Jesus!

We are all about Jesus!

The Bible tells us that God created us so that we might know Him, that we might know His love and His goodness, that we might be totally satisfied in relationship with Him. However, as we read in Genesis 3, things went wrong. Through disobedience, the whole of this Universe fell and we fell out of relationship with God and far from Him. Sin entered our hearts, the relationship that we were ALL created for was fractured and the world became twisted and broken.

Now instead of enjoying the complete satisfaction of relationship with the God who made us, we search the world looking for people, things, experiences, in fact, anything that we can find, in an effort to try and fill the void left by this broken relationship with our Maker. It’s BAD NEWS because we discover everyday that nothing truly fills that hole!

But there is GREAT NEWS!!

Into the world God sent His only Son, Jesus. Jesus came and lived in our world as one of us. He knows how it is to live in this sin sick and broken world, just as we do, but He remained free from sin. He is the only person who has lived a perfect and sinless life. He offered Himself as a sacrifice for our sin, as our substitute on the cross. Jesus took the punishment that we should receive, paying the bill for our sin which we could not pay. He demonstrated His victory by bursting from the grave alive again three days later! At the cross sin was dealt with once and for all. And because Jesus rose from the grave and is alive we can know Him!

For those who turn to Jesus to forgive them and follow Him the barrier of sin has been removed – we can have the relationship with God that we have been created for! God takes what is broken and makes it new. 2 Corinthians 5:17 says ‘Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!’

God invites His children into relationship with Himself and into the newness of life found in Christ. And this changes everything – we discover hope, love, peace, and purpose; we know grace, mercy, compassion and tenderness; we see within our lives the power and authority of Jesus over sin, healing our wounds and fixing our brokenness. We find ourselves knowing a new dimension of living, being added into a new family of people, the church, living the life we were made to live.

And this is what brings us together!

It’s sharing in the life Jesus gives, being bound together by His Spirit that dwells in us and moves in our meetings! It’s knowing the joy of sharing all Jesus is doing in our lives and through the church. It’s being able to worship Him together. And it’s being expectant for all the Jesus has yet to do!

So, all we do is unashamedly about Jesus – He is the centre, He is our subject, He is our praise, and we proclaim Jesus as Lord. He is at work amongst us by His Spirt, saving men and women, transforming and changing lives.

And we’d love you to meet Jesus too! Read more about how you can come to know Jesus for yourself here.