Street Baptist Church is a non-conformist evangelical church.  Our members are from a wide range of backgrounds – for some this is their first fellowship, others are from church traditions including Anglican, Brethren, FIEC, Pentecostal and Assemblies of God.  There are a wide range of ages, with babies, many young people, young families, middle-aged, early retirees and people in their 80’s, and even one person over 100!.

We are privileged to have such a diverse fellowship without division.  Our service pattern therefore seeks to enable those from all backgrounds to feel ‘at home’ without compromising our core purpose – to bring God glory.

We are therefore informal, but come in the fear of God.  We are contemporary, yet recognise God’s provision of gifts in all ages.  We desire that the whole service be an act of worship, that all we do would elevate God rather than the fellowship or people in it.