Sunday Groups

Our Sunday youth groups provide an opportunity for children and young people to learn more about the Bible with young people of their age. Children’s and Youth groups are provided in two age groups on Sunday: KidZone for school years R – 6 and YouthZone for school years 7 – 9. We also have a midweek Youth Home Group for school years 10 – 13. Visit these pages to learn more about these groups.


On each Sunday we have KidZone, for children from school year reception to school year 6.

KidZone is full of song singing, great games, brilliant bible teaching and fantastic fun! In KidZone, we long that children will learn Bible stories and deep Bible truths in a way that they can understand and can respond to, which will lead them to believe in Jesus as their personal Saviour.

KidZone starts at 10.00am with the rest of the church in the main church service, when the children will sit together with their youth leaders as we worship God as a church family. This time always includes a time for a children’s story and songs appropriate for them. At 10.30am, the children will go out to their KidZone groups where they will have refreshments, a Bible story and a related activity in which the story is reinforced. During this time there is a lot of time to chat with their leaders and to talk through what they think of the Bible passage.

KidZone ends shortly after the main church service, when their parents come to collect them. It is fantastic to see the kids going out full of all that they have done in church. We are pleased that KidZone is so attractive to them that some children bring their parents to church, rather than the other way around!

The years in KidZone are so foundational to the rest of their lives and it is a privilege to be able to share God’s word with the children in an exciting, captivating way.

YouthZone 1

YouthZone 1 is a group for school years 7 – 9 that meets on a Sunday morning. It gives these young people an opportunity to talk about their interests and difficulties when moving to senior school and going into early teenage years and to see how the Bible applies to their situations at this time. These are formative years, so this is a vital time when our greatest desire is that these young people come to know Jesus as their Saviour and Lord of their lives.

The young people meet in church – usually they all sit together at the back of the balcony – and join with us for the first 30 minutes of the church service.  This part of the service is designed to be both accessible and interesting to them.  At 11.30, they will go out to their group.

A time with the younger children when biscuits and a drink are offered leads into a time to meet together to talk about the week, to pray, and to study God’s word.  This is a very interactive time, with a lot of application to their own lives and situations.

The group is usually of about 12-15 young people – large enough to not feel isolated, but also small enough for lots of personal support and help. Many of the young people in this group bring friends along with them.

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