As a church we follow the Biblical pattern of having both Elders and Deacons forming the Leadership of the church.

There are currently three Elders (in addition to the Pastors who are part of the Eldership) who have been elected for four year terms of office by the members of the fellowship.


The job of the Elders is divided into eight areas of responsibility

  1. Doctrinal - to discern the winds of doctrine that can so easily lead us astray, and hold the fellowship closely to the doctrinal basis of the fellowship whilst keeping secondary matters in their place;
  2. Teaching - to lead the Eldership in its discussion and planning in regard to the taught Sunday ministry, and to have oversight of the word ministry opportunities across the church in such a way that the needs of God's people in growing to maturity are provided for through the teaching ministries of the church;
  3. Pastoral - to discern the spiritual needs (as distinct from health or practical needs) of those within the fellowship and coordinate the work of the fellowship alongside the Pastors in ministering to those who are young or weak in the faith and those struggling in their walk with God;
  4. Training - to consider the training needs within the fellowship and identify training opportunities so that God's people are equipped to walk with Him and for the works of service God has for them and so that leaders are equipped to lead;
  5. Discipleship - to discern the range of discipleship needs across the fellowship, from first 'follow-up' through to increasing maturity in Christ, and to provide direction and leadership in addressing these needs;
  6. Evangelism - to have a vision for the spread of the gospel in Street and the mid-Somerset area, insight into opportunities to make Christ known in the area, and provide vision, leadership and direction to God's people so that they are used effectively by God to spread the gospel daily;
  7. Vision - to look ahead to the future development of the fellowship, and discern God's will for what should be the fellowship priorities and direction;
  8. Strategy - to provide leadership on the steps needed to be effective as a church in using every opportunity that God leads us into, so that together we might fulfil God's purposes for the church.

The Eldership visit each of these areas in their deliberations on a rotating basis so that they are all prayerfully considered twice a year.

If you are a member of the church or a regular attendee and have any ideas, suggestions or questions about any matter relating to these areas, please do talk to any one of the Eldership team.  We are pleased to hear from you and happy to answer questions!