Welcome to Street Baptist Church

If you are new in the area or just visiting, we invite you to come to join us.  You will find a very warm welcome, a packed building and lots going on.  Above all, you will find people who long to worship God, to meet with Him, to encourage one another and to tell others about Him.  The best way for you to get to know us is simply to worship and fellowship with us.

Our primary aim is not to increase our church numbers for the sake of looking good.  We won’t plead, hassle, or pursue you.  We won’t twist your arm to become members.  But, we will do our best to love you just like Jesus first loved us.  We will seek to tell you about Jesus and His amazing love for you.  We will seek to help anyone who has come to know Jesus as their Lord and saviour to know Him better.  That is why we make sure that taking time to learn from God’s word, to praise Him and to pray for one another are central to our times of worship.

I must warn you: Street Baptist Church is full ordinary people – Dads, school kids, teachers, OAPs, babies, business men, brickies.  In fact, we are all people with regular jobs, enjoying normal past times and doing things regular people do.  I should also tell you that it is full of sinners – everyone who comes to it is imperfect before God. We don’t want you to be unnecessarily disappointed when you come – that is the way it is.

The important thing is that we also realise that we can never be right with God.  We don’t try to pretend that everything is Ok.  We understand that only God can make us right with Him, and that God sent Jesus, His Son, to die for those who will trust Him.  And this changes everything!  Lives transformed, future assured!  We hope that you will see the difference God makes in the way we live our lives, worship God and love one another.