Midweek Clubs

At Street Baptist Church, during the course of a week, there are two clubs that youth and children can attend. These are Kid Zone Club and Youth Zone Club.

In order to decide which one is the correct age group please look at the information below which will explain fully what goes on and who is able to attend.

Kid Zone Club

Kid Zone Club (which meets every Thursday from 6-7.15pm) is all about fun, friendship and finding out more about God.

It’s designed for children in school years 2-6 (approx age 7-11) and it’s a great place for letting off unspent energy, getting creative and spending time with friends.

Each evening there is a key activity around which the evening revolves. This may be a craft activity, or a challenge, or games, or a group activity. Most weeks the children that come will be able to bring home something they have made to show to their parents.

Every week there is a story that comes from the Bible, and there will be time to chat about the story while the children do an activity related to it. This includes craft, cooking, challenges and games.

Youth Zone Club

Youth Zone Club is a youth club for young people in school years 7-13 (approx. ages 11-18).  It is open to any young person of this age, and there is no charge for most of our activities.

The club meets on Friday nights during school term time from 7.30pm until 9.00pm in the Church Hall (though some evenings we will give prior notice to finish at 9.30).

Each week the club night is themed, and often we will travel out to places away from the church itself.  For example, over recent years we have been 10 pin bowling, swimming, ice-skating, gone to the cinema together, canoeing, driving vehicles on a farm as well as both making and trying lots of food!

Each club night we have a 10 to 15 minute time where a guest speaker will tell us about their experience of being a Christian, or will bring us a talk from the Bible. This is a key part of our activity, and will often lead to further discussion either in the evening or at the Youth Zone Sunday Bible study.

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