Home groups

They are the place where we:

  • work out how the teaching from God’s word is applied to our lives;
  • pray for and support one another in applying God’s word in the rest of our life;
  • find the first-contact Pastoral Support of the church;
  • find the first-contact Practical Care in the church;
  • provide and gain mutual care and encouragement;
  • deepen relationships with others in the church.

We would like every adult to be part of a Home Group, and we also provide a Home Group for older teenagers to grow together in the Lord.

What does a Home Group look like?

A Home Group usually has 10 – 15 people, who meet together twice a month in someone’s home or in the Church Hall for mutual encouragement, Bible study, prayer and fellowship.  Every group is different, but the aim is always to be ‘disciple-making disciples’ – we are together growing in the Lord, supporting one another as we walk for the Lord day by day and seeking to speak of Him to others.

Typically a group will start at 7:45pm with a Bible study lasting about 30 minutes.  The Bible Study will focus on application of God’s word in our lives, and this naturally leads to a time of prayer.  Of course, there will often be tea, coffee and biscuits and a chance to catch up with each other.

What more can I expect?

Sometimes the programme might include a meal or a visiting speaker or a get-together with another Small Group.  In order to get to know the whole family some groups may arrange bring and share lunches, meals or outings.  All groups have their own particular flavour.  We also make sure that each group is seeking to reach out to their locality, being beacons of light for the gospel in the area they live.

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