Our primary purpose in coming together on Sunday is to worship God and exalt Him.  We do this through our words – our praise and prayers, and through our lives – putting ourselves under the teaching of God’s word.  We can only do either through the work of God’s Spirit, and so we look to God to work among us each time we meet.

Our teaching is what is termed “expository” – we read from the Bible and seek to learn from that passage and apply it within our lives.  We predominately work through books of the Bible from chapter to chapter or verse to verse, with occasional topical sermons and visiting preachers.

The morning service normally includes a time where we talk particularly to children.  We normally use this time to explain part of the reading to the children in a relevant and engaging way.

Everyone stays together for the first part, but part way through we take a break.  The children and young teenagers go to their groups – groups in which they will examine a passage or topic from the bible in a way appropriate for their age.  (For babies and very small children, a crèche is provided during the service.)

In our evening service we include a variety of other opportunities for corporate worship, including interviews, testimonies, open prayer times and times to greet one another.  However, we do these in addition to our praise and the times of teaching, rather than compromise those times.

Communion services are scheduled twice a month, once in the morning and once in the evening as announced.