Now you can buy good books at great prices through our SBC Bookshop, with our partnership with the ministry. Just click on this link, or on the Bookshop link in the Teaching menu to take you to our dedicated site.

On our dedicated bookshop site you will see a selection of books that are highly recommended by the leadership of SBC.  You will also find menus and a search facility that will allow you to search for other Christian Books.

You will find that the prices on our online bookstore are generally less than those available from other online retailers.  The great thing about it … 10ofThose, who run the bookstore website, are a non-profit organisation.  The profit left after the sales from the SBC bookstore is divided between SBC and keeping the on-line bookstore operating.

So, go ahead and look at the bookstore!  Good and trusted Christian books are a great way of being encouraged and growing in Jesus.  And you can trust all of the books that are provided by 10ofThose.

A bit of background on the Bookstall company:

10ofThose is a limited company. They are not a charity, and do not look for donations to subsidise their work. They do however operate slightly differently to many other companies.

None of the Directors take dividends from the profits made at 10ofThose. Instead, these are put to use in distributing more resources across the world, either through 10ofThose or other organisations that seek to distribute resources that hold to our Basis of Faith.

People often ask how are they able to sell resources so cheaply compared to other outlets. The simple answer is two fold:  They buy their stock in bulk to get better prices and then pass that onto you. They are also passionate about getting more resources out there and used, so instead of making lots of money on each item they discount as much as they can.