We are so pleased that you are interested in reading the Bible and spending time with God in prayer and His word.

We are encouraging folk in SBC to get into the Reading the Bible Together approach and using it to read through the Bible in one year, which we talk about in another post.

However, you might want to take things slower than the whole Bible in a year, and you might want more help as you read through.  If this is you, then can we suggest that you consider following the 3 year “Walk With The Word” bible reading scheme that takes you through the Bible in three years with weekly email support.

What is this Bible Reading Scheme it all about?

The scheme is called “Walk with the Word“.  It’s a three year scheme, giving you only two chapters a day to read on average and yet taking you though the whole Bible in three years.  With two chapters, you could potentially complete the reading each day in an average of 7 minutes, and so it’s easy to find time to read – no excuses!!  But more time would, of course, be better;  then you can really think and pray through what you’ve read, seeking to apply God’s word in the days ahead.  To enable this, the scheme provides questions and study material which you can use to go deeper into the word.

Getting going

To enable you to get going, we have a PDF of the Master Reading plan:

Master Plan

There are many other resources available on the Walk with the Word website – be sure to check them out!

Where should I start in the plan?

The scheme ‘cycles’ across the three years so that you can pick it up at any time and from that time you will complete it three years later.  So, if you’re finishing off another scheme, just keep this and start off with this scheme from the date when you’re ready!

You will see that there are just weekly readings given, not daily readings.  You can therefore structure your weekly reading as you wish … for example, maybe a five day plan so that you can catch up each weekend if you have a busy day and things get pushed out.

To help you along…

One advantage of this reading plan is that there is also a supporting Facebook page.  You can use this to keep on track and find links to supporting Bible Study questions for each week.

And, if you have not seriously got down to personal Bible study before, the website that accompanies the reading plan (www.walkwiththeword.org) has great help on Bible Reading in the form of a book that can be read on the web or downloaded for off-line reading.  Just follow the chapter and section headings on the left hand side of their website.

Let’s get going…

So, if you’ve not yet picked up on planned Bible readings, have a go at this!!

And, of course, there is no reason why you shouldn’t do this Bible Study with others in the church too … so why not Read the Bible Together using Walk with the Word?