On the 15th July 1955, a young Dutchman took his first step in supporting persecuted Christians in Communist Europe. 60 years later and Open Doors will deliver over 2.3 million bibles and materials to Christians, train over 300,000 Christian leaders, and serve over 250,000 people through community development projects in 58 countries.

Open Doors supports persecuted Christians with Bibles, Christian materials, training, livelihood skills, advocacy – and in a whole host of other ways – so that they know they are not forgotten and can stand strong to serve their communities. So that they can give life. Open Doors also seeks to mobilise the church in the UK & Ireland not only to serve Christians living under religious persecution but also to learn from them what it means to be a disciple of Jesus.

The Work of Open Doors

Open Doors exists to strengthen the church to be the church in the most hostile places. In over 50 countries, Open Doors is supplying Bibles, training church leaders, delivering Bible-based literacy programmes and supporting Christians who suffer for their faith. In the UK and Ireland Open Doors works to raise awareness of global persecution, mobilising prayer, support and action among Christians.

Open Doors helps in the following ways:

Distributing Bibles and Christian Resources
…so that secret believers can be nourished with God’s Word.

In 2014, Open Doors distributed 3.1 million Bibles, books and Christian resources.

Training Christians and Church Leaders
…so that they can stand strong for Jesus.

In 2014, Open Doors trained over 308,000 Christians and church leaders.

Supporting victims of violence and disaster
…so that they can live independent, fulfilled lives.

In 2014, Open Doors served 356,000 people through community development projects.

Speaking out in Advocacy
…so that the voice of the persecuted church can be heard.

In 2014 the UK Advocacy team took every opportunity to highlight the persecution of Christians in over 50 countries worldwide – and on almost every continent.

Supporting the Secret Children
… to give them protection, provision and a Christian education.

In 2014, supporters in the UK and Ireland enabled us to provide regular ongoing support and prayer for 2,100 children.

Mobilising the Church in the UK and Ireland
…so that persecuted Christians get the support they need.

In 2014, thousands of supporters wrote, prayed, spoke out and raised support for persecuted Christians around the world.

Pray for Persecuted Christians

Pray for Persecuted Christians using Open Doors’: