Eric and Rosemary Barrett are working among the Hungarian speaking people scattered beyond Hungary in Eastern Europe.

After the fall of Communism in Eastern Europe many of the missions to the former communist countries changed their focus to new work.  Eric had been involved in supporting persecuted believers among the Hungarian speaking peoples and saw the rapid growth of the church among these peoples during this time.  4H was established to support and resource this continuing spiritual growth.

The Work of 4H

4H is focused on supporting the work of Hungarian speaking believers who live beyond Hungary itself in Eastern Europe.  The church among these peoples has expanded rapidly, having withstood and grown under persecution during the communist era.  However, the church is under-resourced and very stretched.  4H was established to “Help His Hungarian Heroes” … provide practical and spiritual resources to encourage the continued growth of the Gospel in these countries.

4H helps in the following ways:

Distributing Literature and Christian Resources
Each year 4H take out a range of literature and written resources to help Pastors in their study, new believers in their growth, and enable the gospel to spread among the Hungarian speaking people.
Training Christians and Church Leaders
4H help to fund and support the gathering of Pastors and church leaders in conferences and are also involved in speaking at these conferences.
Financing the re-building of formerly closed church buildings
As people come to know the Lord, churches are planted in villages and towns and among people groups.  In these locations there are often church buildings which were closed during the communist era and are now delapidated.  The cost of rebuilding is small compared to the cost in the UK and so the financial provision Eric and Rosemary can collect in the UK can enable these church buildings to be put back into use.  Teams are also taken out from the UK to help in these rebuilding projects.
Providing for and helping Pastors
Many Pastors will be serving churches in 4 to 10 locations and need transport.  4H helps to provide better and safer vehicles so that these Pastors can serve the localities they are called to.
Encouraging prayer for the Hungarian church
Eric and Rosemary conduct ‘deputation’ meetings in the UK to tell churches of their work and to encourage prayer and support to the growing Hungarian speaking church.

Pray for the work of 4H

You can pray for the work of 4H by seeing Pat Harper to ask to be given their regular Prayer Letter.