The loss of a loved one is a difficult and painful circumstance whatever age the loved one is. The hurt can be immense, and your feelings will always been very intense.

Funerals in Street Baptist Church will always seek to glorify our loving heavenly Father, who has given us life and knows and numbers our days, as a priority. We are happy to conduct funerals for those from other traditions, or of no religious background. However, while we respect the beliefs of the deceased, we will always seek to point to the grace of God in blessing even those who don’t acknowledge Him with many good things, and this will be fully reflected in our services in the music used and the words spoken.

We will also seek to honour the person who has passed away. We will seek to recall their life, honour their achievements, and remember both good and difficult times. We will give space to remember, recognising that such memories bring both joy and sadness.

Above all, we will seek to offer hope that only God can bring to all regardless of their circumstances. The minister, our musicians and our care team will seek to come alongside family and friends who have lost loved ones, show them compassion, comfort and love, and bring them hope from God’s word.

Arranging a Funeral in Street Baptist Church

To arrange a funeral service within Street Baptist Church, you should use this contact form to contact the Pastor in the first instance. The Pastor will discuss the situation with you, and arrange to meet with you to help with the funeral arrangements if it is appropriate to conduct the funeral within the church.