Illness or infirmity can cause great loneliness, particularly when you are suddenly taken into hospital and are facing unknown tests or procedures. While many people will have the benefit of family and friends to visit, some may be more isolated. Even if you are supported by family or friends, it may be that they are unable to bring you that essential spiritual help and comfort that you most need.

Within Street Baptist Church we have a group of people who are willing to visit and pray with those who are in hospital or a nursing home. We seek to provide more than good conversation – we long to spend time with you reading God’s word together and joining with you in prayer, to encourage you, and so that you might be helped in seeking God for His strength and enabling.

How do I request a visit?

If you are a regular attender of SBC, the most important thing to do is to make sure someone in the church is aware that you have been admitted to hospital. Once we are aware of this, we will normally make enquiries to find out if it appropriate to visit you, and will then arrange one or more visits.

If you are not a regular of SBC, but would like to have the Pastor or a member of the church visit you, please request a visit by using this contact form. We will do all we can to arrange for someone to visit as soon as possible. Provide the patient’s name, the name and address of their hospital or nursing home, and the dates they are expected to be there.