Six Days…. Six Lives …. One Passion

“What A Wonderful World”

Not only a wonderful song by Louis Armstrong but a wonderful way to kick-off the evening meetings of this week’s Passion For Life event.

A personal request from the guest speaker Fiona Castle, OBE, the song so illustrates her view that we are privileged to enjoy such a wonderful life in a wonderful world.

At 7.30pm, Tuesday 3rd April, Pastor of Street Baptist Church Alwyn Barry welcomed over 200 people to the marquee in the grounds of Hindhayes School and introduced the renowned evangelist Roger Carswell. Roger gently “interviewed” Fiona for just under an hour; more in the mode of an encourager than the likes of your typical Radio 4 political interviewer.

We heard that Fiona was born in West Kirby and with a talent for dancing from 9 years old attended a boarding school specialising in dance where she studied ballet, jazz, modern and tap dancing and wanted to be a classical ballerina.

While performing in shows she met Morecambe and Wise and it was Eric Morecambe who introduced her to the entertainer Roy Castle and a year later when Fiona and Roy married, Harry Secombe was their Best Man.

Fiona had always attended church and believed that this meant she was a Christian, but admitted that “going to church on Sunday didn’t help with living her life on Monday morning”. At 35 years old Fiona dropped the children off at school one day, came home and felt so low that she got down on her knees and prayed to God in desperation. At that precise moment a Christian lady that Fiona barely knew telephoned to say that she didn’t know why she was phoning but felt that Fiona needed to talk to someone. The lady asked Fiona the most challenging question she had ever faced “have you invited Jesus to come into your life and take over?”. Fiona immediately prayed that significant prayer and did exactly that, she asked Jesus to come in and take over her life, and as a result she knew that peace and joy and all the anxiety and tension fell away. God didn’t take away difficult circumstances but changed Fiona and Roy’s attitudes to dealing with difficulties.

As this inspirational testimony continued we heard how Roy and Fiona used the shocking news of Roy’s lung cancer as a platform for telling the journalists and media about Jesus and felt this was all part of God’s plan as Roy lived for a further two-and-a-half years and not the diagnosed 3-6 months. Fiona recalled how there was such a strong sense of joy and peace and Roy was excited because he knew he was soon going to be in heaven and this was all possible not because of their good works or deeds but because of what Jesus had done by paying the price of our sins by dying on the cross. Fiona’s story and testimony are available to listen to from the website.

Tuesday 3rd was the first of the six inspirational guest speakers at the Passion for Life event and wonderfully illustrated how coming to know Jesus transforms lives.

Six Days…. Six Lives …. One Passion One Mission