Six Days…. Six Lives …. One Passion

“New Life with Jesus is Wonderful”

Adam became a Christian when he was 7 years old. When his mum and dad became Christians they made a public declaration of their faith by being baptised. Adam recalls that at the time he “didn’t like the pastor as he put my mum and dad under water” so Adam asked his mum about what had happened. After being told about how Jesus was born as a baby, died for our sins and rose victorious to give everyone who accepts Jesus as their Saviour everlasting life Adam knew enough to profess his own faith. Adam recalled how he did well as a young Christian while at prinmary school and “although there was some bullying for being a Chrsitian, it didn’t matter because I was assured of Jesus’ presence”. It was in the older teenage years and while at university that Adam’s faith drifted mainly because “I was desperate to be liked and accepted and so tried to do things that everyone else did, but being outrageous and to get in with the other boys”.

It was the morning after a night out that Adam realised the fun was all “hollow and shallow” and came back to living his life as a Christian, remembering “that Jesus died for me and loves me”.

Asked by Roger Carswell more about his winter Olympic sport the Skeleton, the audience heard how a 16 year old Adam had been selected, because of his athletic performances, to do the Bobsleigh. This continued for a number of years and then in 2002 at the age of 25 he took up the Skeleton. Adam attended three Olympics; 2002 Salt Lake City, 2006 Turino and 2010 in Vancouver. It was at the 2009 World Championships that Adam won his silver medal.

“Standing on the podium was an amazing feeling of joy, excitement and I was ecstatic as I had worked so hard for so long…. But I don’t remember whether it was 20-30mins later or a couple of hours when I suddenly felt … What Now?. Every elite athlete has to be driven and work so hard because they want to prove to themselves that they are worth something. The world tells you success with feel amazing but it’s not a life changer. If an athlete wins a silver then they think it’ll be better if I win a gold, if they win a gold then I need to win 2 golds…. It just keeps going as you realise you’re never going to be satisfied. You realise that the only true joy and excitement is having Jesus in your life”.

Adam retired just a few weeks ago and is adjusting to having more time to spend with his family, friends and fellow Christians at church. Adam is member of the International Olympic Committee, being one of just 15 athletes who are selected by their fellow athletes, and so will still be travelling but not for such lengthy durations. Adam knows the assurance that “everything is of God, Jesus died for me and it just blows my mind that He did this for me and I thank Him that I am His child and new life with Jesus is so wonderful”.

(Adam’s full interview is available on this website).

Roger Carswell, ended the meeting with a reminder that Heaven and eternal salvation is a gift purchased by the price of Jesus dying on the cross at Calvary. When we each accept Jesus into our lives it gives us new life, it transforms us when we put our trust in Jesus. The guest speakers all had amazing stories and testimonies of how their lives had been wonderfully transformed by coming to know and accept Jesus as their Saviour and this is a wonderful gift that is available to everyone.

Six Days…. Six Lives …. One Passion