The only requirements for membership are:

  • You know Jesus as your Lord and believe in Him alone for your salvation
  • You are walking in fellowship with Him – you are seeking to be more like Him every day
  • You have attended the fellowship and God has directed you to commit yourself to the fellowship


In order to become a member you should first of all approach one of the church leadership (… the Pastor if you cannot identify any others!).  The Pastor will then briefly discuss with you about the principles of membership, just to ensure that you are in the right position to be considered for membership.

We then will ask two of our members to meet with you.  At this meeting they will ask about your testimony and walk with the Lord, so as to be assured that you meet the requirements for membership.

They will also talk to you about the role of membership, your gifts, and your commitment to the fellowship.  If you have been in fellowship with a different church before, they will ask further about your time in that church and may ask you whether we can approach the leaders in that church for a recommendation from them to the fellowship.

If there was any issue in the past that might affect your eligability for membership at this stage, you should raise it at this point.


Following your meeting, if you can be recommended for membership, you will be recommended to the members at the next church members’ meeting.  If there is agreement, you will be welcomed into membership at the next morning communion service that is convenient.

If we believe that it is not appropriate to recommend you for membership, we will clearly identify why, and offer to do what we can to lead you to know more of Jesus and all He has done for you.  We long to see people come to know the thrill, joy and passion of a living relationship with Jesus, and it will be our pleasure to help introduce you to Him.

Am I too old / young?

We have no upper age limit on membership.  We have no set lower age limit, but we would not expect someone who is a child to come into membership, but simply to join with their parents in attending the fellowship.  However, age is infinitely less important than ensuring that you know Jesus as your saviour and are walking well with Him.  We will therefore endeavour to help all who approach us for membership but are not at that stage of life to grow in their faith and get involved in the life of the fellowship so that they are ready to become members when it is appropriate.