In addition to the groups available on this website, we have a number of other ways that you can connect with us via our on-line communities

Facebook Page

Our SBC Facebook page is where we announce upcoming events to the public who are Facebook users.  It simply repeats information that can normally be found on this website.

Facebook Groups

We maintain a number of Facebook Groups so that people within various activities of SBC can share news and prayer items, pictures and stories with one another.  These are ‘closed groups’ … the information in them is not published to the public, but you can request to join them and an administrator will give you access if you are a regular to Street Baptist Church

SBC Connect
A group for anyone in SBC to join and to post news, photos and video to one another
SBC Prayer
A group for anyone in SBC to post prayer requests and encouragement to one another
SBC Volunteer
A group to post to if you want to get involved in a ministry of the church, need practical help or want volunteers to help you.
SBC 18+
A group that those who are post-college but pre-family (or young family) … i.e. 18 to 20’s … can use to connect to one another
SBC Youth Zone 2 Club
A group for the Youth Zone 2 Club – for those older teens who attend and the Leaders to communicate and share events, photos and more.
SBC Youth Zone 2 Wednesday Group
This Facebook Group is for those who attend the Wednesday evening youth Home Group at Jon’s house to communicate together, ask questions and encourage one another.
SBC Youth Zone 1 Club
A group for the Youth Zone 1 Club – for those younger teens who attend and the Leaders of the club to communicate and share events, photos and more.
SBC Youth Forum
A general group for older teens to use to share events, plan visits to Soul or concerts, discuss spiritual difficulties, hang out and help one another.
SBC Football
A group for those who are attending the Friday evening football to share news about upcoming Friday football

Our Email Lists

We host a number of email lists that you can request to be added to in order to get information ‘pushed’ to you and so that you can keep up to date with prayer needs in the church. To be added to these, just ask the person indicated below:

SBC Notices
Everyone on this list gets sent and electronic copy of the weekly notice sheet. Ask Angela Huxtable to be added to this.
SBC Contact
Everyone in the church should be on this email list. Request to join here.
SBC Prayer
Urgent matters for prayer are posted to this list, for those who will commit to stop and prayer for them. Request to join here.
SBC Everywoman
An email list for the Everywoman ministry to contact other women with announcements. Request to join here.
An email list for the Men’s ministry to contact men in the church with announcements. Request to join here.
SBC 18-20s
An email list for those aged 18-20’s to connect older young people in the church. Request to join here.
An email list for prayer and mutual encouragement for single parents and those who are the only believers in a household.  Request to join here.

In addition, various other ministries have their own email lists … you will be added to these as you join these ministries.

Online Church Diary

Our Church Diary is available online from this website.

However, if you are using a diary on your PC, Tablet or SmartPhone you can follow these instructions to add the church diary so that the church diary appears on your own device.