Our Vision & Mission Statement

Our Elders recently completed a review of our Vision and Mission statement.

“We desire to be a family, empowered by the Holy Spirit, rooted in the Word of God and prayer, whose love for Christ and for one another overflows in joyful sharing of the gospel with all, especially friends, neighbours and those whom God has given us a unique opportunity to reach”


Our mission is to glorify God, praising and enjoying Him, with the worship of our lives. Worship is our response to knowing God for Who He is and what He has done for us. We believe that He has called us to the following priorities at this time and in this place:-

Family: we believe that relationship with God brings about new family relationships between Christian believers. In a world of broken relationships and fractured communities, we desire to demonstrate the truth of the gospel by our care for one another. The population we serve provides us with a unique challenge but we seek by God’s grace to be a loving church community where everyone is encouraged and strengthened as Christians, that they might follow Jesus better. We want each member of the family, of whatever age or life-situation, to be valued and to use the gifts God has given them to build up the body of Christ.

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