Youth Zone 1 Club is a youth club for young people in school years 7-9 (approx. ages 11-14).  It is open to any young person of this age, and there is no charge for most of our activities.

The club meets on Friday nights of school term time from 7.30pm until 9.00pm in the Church Hall (though some evenings we will give prior notice to finish at 9.30).  We have 20-30 young people each week, although some weeks it can rise to 35.

We run a varied programme throughout the term.  Each week there is a main activity, which can be a trip out (for example: swimming, sledging, for a night-walk, or a wide-game). Alternatively, there may be an indoors activity (for example: a video games evening, sports evening, chinese cooking or survival skills).

Each club night there is a tuck-shop provided (bring along some money if you wish to buy sweets from the tuck shop).

A vital part of each club night is the 10-15 minute slot where we bring in a guest speaker to speak to the young people from the Bible or to speak about how God has worked in their life.