Over the summers we revisit an ongoing series, entitled: 'Little people of the Bible'.

These people are not little in height, weight, or even importance. Rather, they are characters mentioned in passing, people we'd hardly notice in the pages of the Bible, almost but not quite lost in history.

But, God never puts a detail into His word by accident. Rather, each word is to teach, instruct, rebuke and train. And so, we are able to learn a lot from these 'little people'.

And, in fact, we are all only 'little people' in the light of eternity. Yet God tells us (Eph 2:10) of the “good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” ... none of us are without purpose; no day of our lives is without reason - and this is so encouraging!

And so, it has been brilliant looking at some 'little people' in the Bible over the past summers: Caleb, Mephiboseth, Obadiah, Naaman's servant girl (who was not even dignified by the mention of her name, yet was faithful in God's purposes), Martha, Ananias, Stephen, Epaphras, and the believers in Romans 16, to mention but a few.

And so, we in this series we remind ourselves that the greatest in the Kingdom of God are those who seem least, but who walk steadfastly in Christ by faith.

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Title Scripture Date
Onesimus Philemon 1:8-21 2013-08-04
John Mark Acts 12:11,25-13:5,13:13,15:36-39; Col 4:10-11 2013-08-04
Honourable mentions Col 4:7-18 2011-08-28
Priscilla and Aquila Acts 18 2011-08-28
Tychicus Ephesians 6:21-22 2011-07-24
Obadiah 1 Kings 18:1-15 2010-08-08
All God's people - Romans 16 Romans 16 2010-08-08
Philippian Jailer Acts 16:19-40 2010-08-01

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