Our Vision is that we love and enjoy God for His Glory by hearing and accepting His word so that we may become more like Christ, love His people, and serve Him in the church and the world.

Scriptural Basis

Our vision is that we might corporately and individually glorify Him. (Ps 115:1, 1 Cor 10:31, Ps 86:12)

We are enabled to do so only by knowing Him better from His word the Bible & by mutual encouragement so that we reflect Him in all we do. (Col 3:16, Phil 2:5, 1 Pet 2:12, 2 Tim 3:16)

As we know Him better in mind, heart and life, and submit to Him (Rom 12:1-2, 1 Cor 6:20) we will display this through growth in sanctification and fruit of the Spirit (Jn 15:8, Gal 5:16,22-24, Col 1:10) in greater love for Him, (Deut 6:5, 1 Jn 2:5, Mk 12:29-31) for one another, (Rom 12:10, 1 Jn 3:16, 1 Jn 4:10-11) and in our love for the lost. (Acts 1:8)

This work of God in us and through us will lead us to praise and glorify God (1 Pet 2:9, 1 Pet 4:11) and bring Him glory. (Matt 5:16, 1 Pet 2:12)